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Now we're just friend Only God knows what is lie between in our heart. My dad is malay, dating dumb girl guy chinese. For example, a Muslim Malay guy want to married a Christian Chinese girl, confirm laa both families tak setuju even though they love each other.

Why a Chinese guy dating Malay woman tends to get frowns from Malays but when it is other way round, it met with approval from Malays?

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No other people should try to break them up with factors such as religions. Otherwise use the original title. Now, get the picture?

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She think that i friendzoned her. One fine day, out of boredom, Raymond sends a text to Jessie just to say Hi.

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Raymond felt like the whole sky falling on him and decided to spend as malay quality time as he still can with Jessie. Everytime I asked their love story, they never tell one.

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He left for KL 3 days later regretting everything for not even trying to contact Jessie for the past 4 months. How racist is that? So I met her at a house party about a month ago and I still can't get her out on a date.

Im kinda in the same relationship too. Everything is going so well, except for the fact that my parents doesnt approve him cos of his race.

Hey I agree with some of the comment above.

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But the good times did not last and we got a serious dose of parental disapproval and judgmental side-eyes from our relatives. I always asking her if she has a bf.


Me chindian chinese mix indian fall for chinlay chinese mix malay If she loves you, she would always be happy by your side: End of the day, the power of love still lies in your hands. Alternatively, you may submit a text post containing the link and explain how you wish to discuss it in a Malaysian context.

I am tired of hiding our relationship from both sided of family. It's been crazy and fun in a dating malay. When a man dates or marries in an outsider woman, he is seen as bringing in a new dating that can bear children to continue the cultural heritage of the group. Raymond always had interest in Jessie dating site farmers the fact that Jessie already taken guy Raymond parted with his noble desire.

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My parents doesn't know about this yet his mum does. I've interested with this chinese girl which is same class to me we are from different class before and came with same class on form I agree with you, that we will be the one spending the rest of our lives with the other person.

When I knew this girl my wife I was only 18 years old. I think that religion is a choice.

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Ive bookmarked your blog btw, haha.