Dating someone with mild schizophrenia Dating a Schizophrenic - Tips and Advice

Dating someone with mild schizophrenia, recommended

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But then you will start to resent him and the situation. Jan 26, '13 by leslie: If all this seems too much for you to bear, then perhaps you should not be taking this further.

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I have also seen people their 20s who have such severe schizophrenia that, even at their best, they were living in a world apart from this one. He takes heavy sedatives.

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I think this is such great advice. I too am with someone who has schizophrenia. Cindy Cates October 13, Reply.

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Not all our dates feel comfortable disclosing their status until they feel the relationship has promise—making it doubly difficult.

Thank you for this article! It will make you a different person.

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Must Read Topics 9 Can someone explain state hospital care to me. We met last year and at first were just friendship resources for each other as we were both recovering from other breakups.

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It takes work but mostly love. I really want to be with him, but sometimes he gets so intense and needy it makes me want to run. Can he get a part time job to supplement his disability check?

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He lives on the other side of the country creepy dating site guy meme my parents happen to live in the same city and he wants me to go up there. Although I'm glad life worked out the way it did!

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After reading about the condition, reading posts and this post in particular, I kind of feel as though I can not relate. He's the only guy I have felt like I've ever made love with, all the other guys there were only 3 before him just used me for their own dating someone with mild schizophrenia.

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Before I dated him, he used to hurt himself like taking extremely hot showers and clipping his nails down to the quick. On the other hand, I wanted to point out, that the "undiagnosed" boyfriend I had before him had the sick hobby of watching animal and human torture videos that he down loaded from the internet.

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I'm in love with a person who has schizophrenia I have schizophrenia but it is a very untypical type that baffles my doc quite often though he is sure of the diagnosis. And Stan - Bipolar is different than schizophrenia.

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Oct 9, '08 by Jules A. What were your experiences like?