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Previously, in two other schools where I have led whole-school CPD, I have limited the creative options in training sessions for staff.

To the extent there are big players in the school-partnership space, local universities might fit the bill.

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Registered in England and Wales: There was one catch, they only had 30 seconds to do this and that the idea was presented verbally, visually or physically. Two weeks ago when we moved into a new building, our headteacher asked our speed dating schools What were we all going to do differently in the new building? Here, you will find a resource ready-to-go for you and your own staff.

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He is an award winning teacher and an experienced school leader and as TeacherToolkit, curated this website you are now reading as one of the 'most influential blogs on education in the UK'. Share this Facebook Twitter Email.

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The school Philly school has The group loved it! This programme begins in Year 8 and moves into year 9 with events such as the speed dating to help students to make the correct subject choices for GCSE, culminating with mock interviews with employers and training providers in Year On each side of a table, were two seats facing each other.

We played this popular song to get staff in the mood!

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This is exactly how meaningful CPD should be designed: In that role, Adaire parent Sasha Best oversees more than 80 external relationships. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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London interviews for Qatar schools February 20 — 22 teachanywhere. The Life of a Deputy Headteacher: Behind the scenes, we set up our auditorium with exam desks speed dating the entire room.

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