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He becomes increasingly upset as each date fails to live up to the online photos they post on their respective profiles. In two instances one involving Luna removing an opponents heart with her bare hand like Kano does in the first game resulting in a bloody displayed "Fatality!

The Boondocks

It includes human rights violations, the death penalty, slave labor, policing, courts, the media, political prisoners, and the elimination of dissent. Retrieved from " http: Tell me what you know about that! Trivia While Grandad is dancing after the opening boondocks dating you can can hear a crude rendition of "Temperature" by Sean Paul, with the lyrics sounding like quotes from Dr. Granddad pleads for her to spare Tom, who had nothing to do with what is going on, and for himself to be released.

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However next shot she is clearly wearing socks. Some parts of this page won't work property.

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Huey tells Granddad that that Luna cannot really be a White Lotus master, and leaves the bathroom to express his skepticism to Luna herself. Robert 'Granddad' Freeman voice. Contents [ show ]. The next day, he botches the plan by claiming to be the party planner for Fidel Castro's birthday, with Jay-Z providing transportation to Cuba. Tom agrees, and says kidnapping those who she has feelings for but does not receive them back in return is not an ideal way to get a partner.

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When Robert wakes up, an emotionally unstable and deranged Luna demands the truth as to why Robert ended the date with her, and whether he believes she's crazy. Yeah, I could see that. Huey and Riley team up to convince Granddad that his new girlfriend is actually a prostitute who is after his money.

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Ad blocker interference detected! I need you to get the hell up outta dating. However, Luna is soon enlightened by Nicole that Castro's birthday isn't until August, so she quickly turns her car around and drives back. Keep track of everything you dating tell uchicago dating advice instagram friends.

Luna herself is quite indifferent to such homicidal tendencies, even going as far to joke about them. Luna finally calms down, frees both Granddad and Tom and decides to leave the Freeman household.

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Oh, you know about that? The Freemans excuse themselves and regroup in the bathroom. Check in you enable Facebook sharing! Luna boondocks dating to get Tom to go away by lying to him, but Huey had anticipated everything Luna was likely to tell Tom and had advised him not to believe it and to search the house anyway. Moments later, neighbor Tom DuBois arrives at the Freeman house. Add the first question. Meanwhile, Luna is on her headset with a friend named Nicole voiced by Tichina Arnoldwho seems to believe that Luna should not take fault in anything that may have caused Robert to act strangely.

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Robert is seen playing boondocks with Uncle Ruckus at the park, both unaware that Luna is spying on them while they are playing their game. Determined to not give up, Robert turns to web-cams to better his chances of finding a real 'cutie-pie'.

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Luna denies the request, saying Robert broke her heart, and now believes he is no different than 'the others'. Goofs When Riley and Cristal are playing their game, the point at which she jumps up it is clear she is not wearing socks. Realizing that the Freeman boys are missing, Tom returns for them, only to encounter the Booty Warrior in a shower room. Games Movies TV Wikis. You're kind of a lazy ho? The boys return home later and find their rooms ransacked and the windows barred with nails.