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Marriage not dating ep 10 eng

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It's so touching, and it shows us the Jang-mi we've always known and cheered marriage not dating ep 10 eng. I don't think that when grandma said "it is all my fault" she was referring giving birth to his hidous son.

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Totally on board with seeing how other people view the same thing jm looking at. So I guess that's why I understand how slow his growth has been because only through discovering his attachment to Joo Jang-mi in episode 7 which is still fairly recent IMOdid he even come to the realization that friends matchmaking "not okay".

I hate it when people expect u to agree with their views or having to keep the widest mind open or else they call u closed minded.

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But most of all, I wish Hyun Hee would be a better friend to Jang Mi instead of always making everything about herself. They have a mutual understanding for each other. He accuses her of liking it too much, she calls him a bad kisser oh honey, we all saw it and NOPEand they both agree that of course it meant nothing at all, nope not even a little bit, uh-uh.

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Usually I can't wait for Friday coz looking forward to the weekend! Two thumbs up for that comment, Chandler!

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Wholehearted and genuine this time on Ki-tae's part with BOTH his arms in a heartfelt embrace instead of that ONE arm kiss from the time aunt was watching. I give him kudos for pursuing the girl and being active unlike a lot of second leads.

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And she told him to express his feelings, ugh. The shaman nailed their relationship and was onto their scam. ALL of his family's issues are his fault and he's just off with his mistress!

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On their way out, Jang-mi fusses that she thought Mom was against the marriage, but Ki-tae is all smiles as he fawns over Mom.

All the relationships in my own life would begin to feel distant.

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I can understand that from Ki-tae's point of view he was actually trying to be helpful and giving her excellent advice but it fell waaaaayyyyy short. Jang-mi asks why Ki-tae kissed her, and he bluffs that it was to shut her up because she was talking too much.

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They stand in that moment, neither speaking, and neither of them notices that Se-ah and Yeo-reum have walked in. And I'm not saying we should sympathize with his cheating but that cheaters are usually people, dating god horan, and le matchmaking lol have at least some redeeming qualities and sometimes you can at least understand WHY they are doing it even if it cannot be condoned. Dani Serodio Gamus August 4, at 9: They're in love with each other, so it's not really fake.

They seem real in the sense that they don't do anything lovely dovey [yet! I agree with all your main points! Totally wasn't expecting it haha!

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Thanksssss lollypipppp here ill give you a nemo kiss. The grandma found out and the ruse is up.

I had such low expectations but he is blowing it up with all his expressions and emotions. I agree that Gi-tae's father is creepy. It just frustrates me because I want Jang-mi to make the right decisions because they are clearly right.