21 guy dating 16 girl 21 guy dating 16 girl

21 guy dating 16 girl

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I had to literally go to the doctor in order to get on medication that would help me eat again. Bottom line - it seems as harmless as allowing her to do the same things with a 17 year old boy. That was when i was 14 and he was He was 29, and was with a girl who was Originally Posted by Oakminster Weird enough vietnam dating culture a prison sentence in some states, depending on what all is involved in "making out".

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I will also add this: Michelle, I'm a straight A student. I didn't ask whether I should wait a few years or any advice on how to live my life.

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Originally Posted by Cat Fight. I'm in a committed relationship, not play dating. I have met older couples that have been together since they were my age, and that's what I want.

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Visit Unauthorized Cinnamon's homepage! And I'm not seeing you doing that. Join Circle of Moms. Dove, I feel as though I was being attacked.

If I were the parents, it would be an age gap that would make me wary - very wary - but I'd look at the people in person before saying NO, that's wrong and bad. Where it becomes weird is the different stages of life the two are in. Publishers - interested in subscribing to the Straight Dope?

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He has very little positive to say about her. They were boinking that whole time and keeping it on the downlow.

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I can certainly imagine preferring my year-old daughter dating a year-old that I know is a nice guy over a younger guy that I know nothing about. The girl told her mom that they shelf life dating of foods been making out.

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Last edited by newcrasher; at Page 1 of 3. When I was in dating school class of 97 the girls who dated guys in their 20's were the slutty girls with low self-esteem.

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When i told him i was 19 he was first Abit "shocked". Originally Posted by Fuzzy Dunlop Reasonable people can acknowledge that there are examples of successful relationships between teens and adults and still hold that in general they're inappropriate and should not be encouraged.

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You asked, you got your answers. Your parents have a right to be concerned that you and this boy are potentially breaking the law.

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That is why a 16 year old with a 21 year old is not as acceptable as a 20 year old with a 26 year old. That was about 35 years ago, today they have grandkids, a beautiful farmhouse, and a reasonably successful small business.

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Find all posts dating death sims 3 Rigamarole.