Can you hook up subs to stock deck How to Hook Up a Subwoofer System to a Car’s Stock Stereo

Can you hook up subs to stock deck

Introduction: Adding RCAs to a Standard Car Head Unit

Connect the power wire to the battery of your car. Reconnect your car battery, and test your new audio system.

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Is this amp good enough to get nice bass from the sub? Thank you for your time and consideration to replying to this question. If you have one or both of the speakers out of phase compared to all the other speakers in the car, it will sound pretty bad. T 34 2 matchmaking the remote wire in your wiring kit.

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Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated? The last thing you need to do is connect the cables of the battery to the amplifier.

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The Infinity subs would be wired to your amp just like any other setup. Here is the problem when I play music too load the system shuts down.

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Everything works fine when i turn my radio on and off the amp goes off and on…. Always be careful with electricity.

I want bass without having to buy a new alternator lol…. You should be able to connect it to the auxiliary on the back of the stereo unit. At the back of your stereo there is most likely one big plug which incorporates all of the inputs and outputs to and from your head unit.

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Hope to hear a response. I have no idea why. By the way, it would sound way better with an aftermarket head unit, just an FYI.

If you have a pair of speaker wires, you will hear the speaker popping or scratching. Make sure to scrape off any visible paint so that the ground wire is in full contact with the metal of your car's chassis, otherwise the amp will not function properly.

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Now that you have your signal and remote turn on figured out, the rest is a pretty standard amp installation. As automakers continue to abandon the stand-alone, standard-sized head-unit in favor of integrated designs, JL Audio's product development team felt that a need existed for a high-quality integration solution.

Or do you prefer I try to purchase maybe a more up to date amp for my optimal set up. It already has 2 can you hook up subs to stock deck subs under the seats. The fuse amperage should match the gauge size.

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I like this app. This is a good idea if you ever plan on changing the stereo as your RCAs will already be ran.

Step 1: Bits and Tools

I had this same system installed on a gmc sierra and was able to control the bass through the factory radio bass controls but nor sure why it doesnt control it on the jeep? What would work best? Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been readtimes.

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Don't forget to test your rem wire before you assume it works. How should I connect the remote wire so that I don't have to disconnect it when I turn off the car? I hooked up a line output converter and when i shut my car off the amp begins to work and apply bass. If you dont have the code and you unplug your stereo it will not allow you to listen to it as it will assume it's been stolen.

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I have used a speaker 2 rca with auto remote on a 4 guage wire kit. That would be the proper place to wire in the remote turn on lead. Run your RCA wires and remote wire to your Amplifier and then enjoy improved music quality: I have a Razor amp and 2 Zstat Razor 12s.