Dating a mentally challenged man Dating and mental disabilities

Dating a mentally challenged man

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This sounds sketchy to me, just because of the power differential. I guess you need to evaluate whether or not it bothers you enough in regards to dating them.

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So I guess it would be like dating a raging alcoholic. I have a couple of really long threads about it, but basically: My only word of caution would be to make sure she knows about birth control; it's easy for a little kissing and snuggling to quickly progress to serious canoodling. That is Axis II. Dating someone slightly developmentally disabled Posted: For someone who is mentally handicapped it is the height of cruelty.

But still, it seems If yes, leave it alone.


I'm not entirely certain where the concerns over exploitation are coming in, but I think that you're implying that your sister-in-law has decided to pursue this man because he's a "sure thing? Then they came for the communists and I did not speak out because I was not a communist.

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That's pretty typical of most people with mental retardation developmental disability, a newer term, is meant to indicate that the cause is likely in how the brain developed, 'mental retardation' just reflected how a person did on an IQ or similar test, but that's all 'developmental disability' really means too.

So, unless you like being cruel to dating rules funny people, just tell him "sorry, I'm not interested in you that way".

Dating A Mentally Challenged Person

Unless they tell you, how do you know for sure that they are developmentally disabled? He lives in a group home. Maybe you should ask one of their close friends?

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Originally Posted by Charlatan It datings like you are suggesting that you can have sex by accident The time I spent with him was some of the best time in my entire life. I think it's possible many of us may know a person who is questionable as far as their mental capacity and facilities. She also proceeded to tell him how she KNEW he didn't really care about her. I'm not sure of any way to intervene that wouldn't really get your sister totally hopping mad at you.

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Read through enough relationshipfilter questions around here and you'll see that lots and lots of allegedly neurotypical people challenge man the emotional age of year-olds—they lie, they sneak around, they make unreasonable demands of those around them, etc.

We get along challenge man and she seems to like me, she always compliments my clothes and Radiometric dating calculator always say how pretty she is which makes her blush and let out a hearty retard laugh that makes me feel warm inside as well as incredibly turned on.

I think some of the answers you are getting are a bit daft given the 'immediately started referring to her as 'my girlfriend'' part crossed with 'ultimate goal of marriage'; this relationship does seem inappropriate at best.

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She could just want to find someone nice and be happy and maybe have some babies and that's it. Degree of mental retardation is given categories that have varied over time, but the ranges given to each category haven't changed very much over time, despite lots of fussing over nomenclature.