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Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread?

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Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? The population really is declining for SRK Japan. Xrd Steam players in the Middle East.

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No question is too basic here! Character Discussion When's Marvel? BlazBlue Talk about the forum that is BlazBlue! Evo Championship Series Categories.

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Euro map of scenes now world map of scenes can you help me locate more. Karin Kanzuki Ohohohoho Joined: So count me out. Im not gonna get near that thing, but im expected to not 'spam' matchmakings. Any Street Fighter Players in Qatar?

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Are gamers full of negativity? Are gamers full of negativity?

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The Qanba Aegis is an arcade stick carrier that lives up to its storied name. Any players in the Manchester UK area?

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Anyone down for some casuals. Time to get Serious!

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Trades, trades, and more trades! I dont work Mon-Wed so those are my major gaming days.

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Im gonna have to go ahead and take myself out of the tourney, based on the "no projectile spamming" soft ban. Welcome General Discussion forum! I call next tourney bans Dante, Wesker, crazy dating profiles Akuma.

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Im trying to get really good with a few teams and i could use it. The Epic Ninja I feel you and where your coming from Joveezy, but I just think its a slipperly slope with the 'soft ban', you know what I mean.