T25/2 matchmaking To all people who says T25/2 is good.

T25/2 matchmaking

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If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications. M18 is one of those tanks that have their very own playstyle, it matchmakings a little bit to the tier 4 T49 but If hollywood u rising stars dating professor hunt attempt to trade shots, usually they'll lose due to weak turret armour and low matchmaking. Orion03, on 29 January - And not so well camo'd.

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To report issues, please see the Issue Tracker link on the site and report them there. Just don't sell the Hellcat.

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It also has only one single gun upgrade, the long 90mm that only offers some extra penetration, no increase in damage. I just got this tank.

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I stopped grinding for now with my TD line because I went to the Russian med to complete it and now US heavy line, I miss the TD line especially hitting tanks without them knowing where generally I was You gain a lot of armor, but in practical terms given the guns you now face you still essentially have none. OzJester 8 Posted 29 January - Its all about useing your tank correctly.

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Overall, an odd tank that is alright. The people who like this tankplays it right.

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It's got a high ROF and as stated before yes it can take a few shots. Once you get adjusted to this TD?

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Does take a better hit than M18 hellcat. I only play the T for X2 matches.

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On paper, it's one of the biggest trash in the game. Scrambled 5 Posted 29 January - Turret is slow to turn and armor is weak but overall i'm enjoying it and doing well with it.

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I probably won't keep this tank, however I'm excited to have it because it's yet another step closer to the T