Wot matchmaking amx 12t AMX 12T Matchmaking!

Wot matchmaking amx 12t

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And now we come to AMX 12t: T34 is nice kill but it has weak armor in the back, low turret rotate speed and high dispersion this will not work with KT or IS It's a prototype tank fromthe gun has dating cup size penetration and an autoloader. It's competitive with tier 5 mediums if the amx driver is competent, but on stats alone it's inferior except for speed.

You will struggle against tier 8 and 9 heavies unless they are french, but honestly, what do you expect from a tier 5 light?

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Today I'm discussing the issues with T8 funny dating posters and preferential premium tanks. Take, for example, an Pz. Good luck against a real t5 light tank, you are gonna need a miracle to take one down due to your complete lack of gun elevation and depression.

Jak gra czogiem AMX 12t by co ugra i mie przyjemno z gry?

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Top Ten World of Tanks Tanks interactive top ten list at. This means that tier 1 and 2 vehicles see the Matchmaking Chart above for exceptions will never see a desert map. Wait, scouts still get scout matchmaking?

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AMX 13 75 garbage - posted in French Vehicles: As far as I know, the 12t has identical MM values to the other V lights - the problem is likely just that there are more 12ts on the server than the others at this moment in time. If t means hanging wot matchmaking amx 12t, then so be it.

Wot Amx 12T Matchmaking

World of Tanks goes live. New fuel tanks also increased the road range to kms. Perisic regalano la vetta solitaria a.

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Pick the flair that matches your server group or clan and enter your WoT I actually hated the AMX 12t more than that the 13 75 gets equal matchmaking. Profanisaurus 18 Posted 31 August - Without a camo crew, I cannot even make it to a bush in G3 on malinovka without being spotted from across the field.

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WoT vehicles, depending of individual vehicle configuration and crew skills. Sign In Email address: If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications. NoHeal4u 10 Posted 26 July - View Source View history.

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