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A dating website for gamers, 3 reasons to date with girl gamer dating

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Okcupid worked great for me. Let me say that again.

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Read More a try and see how they work for you. At least, in my experience. We've all been there - you know - creating a profile on one of the big box online dating websites, only to start wondering what your matches will think once they read that you're a gamer.

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I wish you luck: Ofcourse i do understand what kind sir, Joel Lee mentioned To protect from spammers and trolls But the thing is. Link up with other gamers who share the same tastes in games.

We aim to be the largest and best geek dating site on the net offering free profiles for everyone as well as advanced features such as chat rooms, photo albums and music sections. This is an archived post. Our is a very transparent one: You can not be serious.

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Being 25 myself, I'd like to select a custom age range between those two, but I can't. I'll definitely look into it, and sign up.

Leave as many ice bakers to talk about and you'll get results!

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They're easy to filter out. Secondly, our choice to employ age ranges instead of specific ages stems from research. I'm sorry to hear about your break up, hope you're doing better especially if it was rough.

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Alternatively I could just be ridiculously lucky shrug. I'll a dating website for gamers my profile a bit more and keep my eyes open for the more sketchy ones. POF has actual categories associated with "geek" "gamer" and "techie".

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DarkKar Follow Forum Posts: And I suggest that everyone who doesn't believe me should try attending a convention or a forum or so much as going on voice chat in a first person shooter as any demographic that stands out in the slightest. And you bring up a good point - LFGdating still needs some work outside of the US if we want to succeed long term.

Go on a Game Date while doing something you love, playing games!

I was a bit on the fence about OKCupid, but the free messaging part is a seller, plus I trust you're not going to steer me in the wrong direction. We also have a free gamer forum and chatroom to discuss and meet like minded single gamers. Really, I'd be floundering otherwise.

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So does anyone know any gamer dating sites? We've helped hook up thousands of our love seeking game enthusiasts with dates and there's no reason why we can't help you too.

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We have our reasons for growing LFGdating the way we have, but that doesn't excuse having one of our members have your experience. And pathetic thread of castle actors dating day award goes toooo.

Gamer-centric dating is extremely niche. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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I found my gamer husband on match. Arguments are bad enough in relationships when you're not being accused of shooting her down for that rocket launcher you wanted.