Marder 38t matchmaking OMG the Marder 38T

Marder 38t matchmaking

For reasons still unclear, Wargaming did not rebalance their matchmaking to be more like that of more recent light tanks like the British Covenanter, despite the fact that they all do not lead to dedicated scout light tanks, but what does msf dating mean on pof medium tanks.

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The toaster however, it brings the pain, but is pretty large and is surprisingly mobile. Schorremorrie 10 Posted 23 November - I am soooo lucky I didn't join earlier. Definitely not gonna be out the su85b on my list, but still prolly 3rd place in capability. It's simply not fun for me, I want a fair chance of doing well.

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This tank is best played as a sniper, laying on the DPM from afar. To wrap it up, this tank has spectacular DPM, good accuracy, decent penetration, good mobility, and bad armor.

WoT - where learning the hard way is sometimes you're only option. Do not show this dialog again.

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Retia 17 Posted 01 August - The tank's current model is an Ausf. Maybe I should leave for a week again.

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That said, the Marder 38t can be a very capable tank in the right hands, in the right location, and is more matchmaking with its better view range. If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications.

I think it's the best tier 4, and would be crushingly OP if it wasn't for the fact that it's blind as a bat without sonar and relies heavily on team spotting. The nashorn is ok now that I have it's top matchmaking, but fragile in the matchmaking it gets. But the moment you meet someone at a higher tier, who just laughs off your derp. Otherwise, you'll keep having surprises.

RedRaven44, on May 31 - I think I have 8 matches in the 38T and just stopped playing it because I kept getting murdered.

So you don't like one of the best tier 4 TD's, with a ridiculously good gun? Fondles 20 Posted Jun 14 - Back to Tank Destroyers. Iwon8, on 23 November - And you don't get low exp if you do it right, in fact you can get more than practically anyone in your team.

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