Dating the bosss niece Date Your Boss' Daughter (And Not Get Fired)

Dating the bosss niece

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Find another job NOW, before the owner has a chance to fire you. Express your inner mind to her and apologize if necessary.

After a chat dating my boss the next morning, I ve been made to understand that since my girlfriend resides with Stepfather, she has got so many things going wrong for her which has made the man only patient with her, otherwise there would have been the eruption. No wonder I went for an older and wiser nieces has my wife and i am very happy i met her.

My Boss Hates Me For Dating Her Niece. - Romance (1) - Nairaland

From what u said, I think she respects u as a person and an employee. Well, i suggest you prove yourself. Yup, everyone above is correct. Never "poo" where you "eat". I guess I'm just worried that, at this point, even distancing myself would result in an uncomfortable situation.

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For now, u can both play it cool. Oct 19, Messages: The 'Shades of Blue' star revealed in a new interview how she manages to look great despite her work commitments. Meanwhile you have to be very discreet about the affair from now until she calms down. You broke a major rule in office relationship.

My Boss Hates Me For Dating Her Niece. (2) Situation Report - Romance - Nairaland

Its been a difficult situation especially as this relationship has been the best in our lives and we ve been thinking of spending the rest of our lives together. Dribbling over year-olds marks you as the office letch. Are you dreaming of something naughty at night? At this point, however, I think even a social relationship may be pushing it a little too far. OMG i have done this and WoW. Honestly what can you expect?

My Boss Hates Me For Dating Her Niece. - Romance - Nairaland

So bite the bullet. Are you trying to get favor from her by dating her niece? You are to avoid your boss mistresses and these include his wife, sisters, niece, girlfriend, secretary etc. Or something else that I can't mention on here OP, You didnt plan this thing wellAfter you met her niece, You should have told your boss that you liked her niece and watch for her reaction, But you have started dating and poking the girl steady even dey go dem dating the bosss niece and you are now telling her.

I knew early on that she was his daughter, but felt there was no harm in having conversation, etc. This one is too long to draw out but ya get the picture. Otherwise you're playing with fire.

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Well Frost, you really are in a bit of a jam Perhaps to some it's just a job, but I'm not working at McDonald's here It is full of wisdom for boys who want to be real men T. Your BOSS is not have a crush on you, but she is angry that you are dating a close relation of hers.

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If you knew your girl before you knew her boss then she definitely had a crush on you and muslim dating sites sri lanka is mad that she can't have you. But, if you do break-up, how do you think you might feel working with her afterward?

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Needless to say, I think I'm in a bad situation. The question now is how best do I tackle this puzzle?

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Talking to your boss and her reaction, will determine the next line of action. General rules for "professionals" with aspirations: