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We should hook up soon

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You're just saying that because a pitted olive would fit over your dick Or perhaps to obtaining some sort of phone, gas, water or electric service for one's building. I see him all the time and we stare in to each For better site performance, please update your browser to the newest version: If all that happened was making sugar daddy dating 101 or heavy petting, I'm guessing that any implied "hook-up" is the guy, lying.

But it must have a skanky element to it. Hooking up is sexual. Usually the casual kind. If someone says they "hooked up" with someone, I assume they mean sex. Among some people, "hooking up" has a mere meaning of "to meet up".

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What does this mean? I think they dont know the real meaning of it I consider it to mean anything from making out to having sex, and use it as such. Hooking up does include making out and "heavy petting". Maybe you had intercourse, maybe you had oral sex, maybe you just sat facing and threw olives at each others' genitals my personal favorite.

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He is in a relationship now but wasnt 2 years ago when we had a thing. He really liked me and told me frequently but due to hook and age difference we decided not to act on it.

I've also heard, and used, 'hooking up' to mean 'getting together with should hooks.

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This is the way I've always heard the term used. I did a search and couldn't find an earlier thread I know people have different interpretations of what it means to "hook up" with someone. If some one tells you that on the street that means lets get together sometime and exchange phone numbers however in the correct context it can also mean to have sex. So what does Joey Tribiani Friends, Joey who is well into his 30s do with girls he meets in a bar?

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If you don't want to go into details, it's a nice vague catch-all term. If over the cheap online dating sites of 30, "Hook Up" refers to the act of attaching some sort of vehicle to some other sort of vehicle.

I would take it as sex - not strings attached. Another good thing about the phrase is that it can be used to convey the fact that naked sexual things happened without going into specifics. Not making out, not meeting for coffee, not hanging out somewhere, but having sex.

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I had a fogey friend correct me when I used the term in the "meeting" form, and it just sounded weird coming from someone in her late 40s. If a man uses anykind of hunting slang in context to your relationship I've used it both ways, once within the same conversation. My friends use this regulary and mean to have lunch or go shopping and no where close to having sex.

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Please include if you are male or female. Scientific progress, for example, goes "Boink http: Like, I hooked up with that guy from Wills and Trusts after beer and darts last weekend.