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“How Many Patent Dates do you see behind the handplane frog?”

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The Stanley 26 in pieces. Hi Art — no problems with the screws in the plane I restored, but obviously that could be an issue under some circumstances. This can make them nice shooting board planes though a dating angle block plane has advantages over that.

He thinks they were made for the carriage, wagon, or auto trade. These planes are very cheap in priceand are worth obtaining to practice your restoration skills. It took Stanley nearly 50 years to realize this.

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When sold originally, they were at a price somewhat less than their iron counterparts making it possible for the average Joe Meatball of the day to afford a plane that came equipped with the Bailey patented features.

Don — March 4, It's not rare, by any stretch of the imagination, just popular with collectors for the same reason the 2 is popular with them - they are both 7" transitional plane. It was the second plane that I bought, right after a horrid Anant jack plane.

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The knob is secured directly to the wooden body by means of a regular wood screw, so don't go thinking you can use the fastening means a threaded drinking and dating sales and a slotted nut as that found on the metallic planes as a replacement. Also notice Stanley Logo stamped on the toe of the 35 plane and the wider rosewood fingers on the 35 plane.

Check the cast iron frame, where it steps down for any signs of repairs or cracks. The metal parts were coated stanley light surface rust, but cleaned up nicely.

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Some of the earlier model shop planes I have have higher numbers on them than those made later. This isn't a very common plane, but Stanley saw fit to offer it for some 50 years. How can this plane, whose length is equal to the 23have a tote whereas the 23 can't?

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The rivet to hold the lever cap spring is not machined flat on the surface. About the Author Don I've been finding, restoring and collecting hand planes for over 10 years. Reason being that the cast iron frame dating delhi india it difficult to get a good grip on the nut; you can only turn the nut at its top, unlike from all around it like you can on the metallic models.

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A major effort in this regard occurred in when Stanley vacated several five-story buildings located on dating stanley transitional planes corners in downtown New Britain and moved into a downsized modern two-story factory on the west side of town. The workhorse of the entire series, I see more of these, and the 27than any others.

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Still, a plane is a plane and a potential working tool, so I set out to find a restorable one for a friend who had expressed an interest. Since the corners have japanning on them, it appears that this was intentional and was probably some feeble attempt to make the lever cap slide into the body easier without what normallay are square corners digging into the wooden body.

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Is there a way I could post photos? Before we get back to the some more interesting planes from the Stanley Model Shop I thought you might want to know a bit more about the Model Shop.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Stanley stamped the eagle logo on the toe.

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Thanks for bringing this anomaly to my attention. This area is prone to breakage, as is the overhang onto which the tote fastens.

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I love the history, the research and writing what I find. A crafty woodworker could easily duplicate this, so be very careful if you're about to cough up the megabucks it takes to own one. I am searching for a No.

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The adjustment slide was designed to accurately fit into a groove in the frog, and depth adjustment was controlled by a screw at the rear of the frog, similar to a low angle block plane.