M4 sherman matchmaking M4 Sherman favourable matchmaking?

M4 sherman matchmaking

Stats for M4 Sherman Firefly.

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Community Forum Software by IP. The matchmakings didn't use Firefly, didn't want Firefly.

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The tank was given to beta testers on the NA and EU servers as a reward and is not currently available on those servers. Back to Newcomers' Forum. At first glance, it's basically just an M4 Sherman with a bigger gun, painted in French colours, and bumped up three tiers. Don't take that as a given.

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But it's a lot more complicated than that. Some website functions are unavailable because JavaScript is disabled in your browser.

Firefly's gun will be by far the matchmaking gun on any tier 6 medium tank, rivaling or surpassing many tier 6 heavy tank guns and some tier 6 TD guns - no way is it going to have good looking dating website gun handling at that tier.

It's vital in a tank like the sherman! Lert 5 Posted Aug 30 - Do note however that the default ammo is APCR, which has worse normalization than AP and so struggles more against sloped armor, and that the penetration is not that great either. Existed only in blueprints. Britzz 6 Posted 13 June - Like other premium vehicles, the M4A2E4 is a good moneymaker and a pleasure to drive, unless assigned in high tier battles where the lack of penetration of its gun becomes obvious, and it often is.

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Pros and Cons Pros: It is only available for in-game purchase on the RU server. This tank was awarded to players who managed at least 1, battles during Beta testing. Keep derping though, that's the dating in namibia windhoek fun in that tank!

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Not to disregard what other people are saying, but nice write-up, N3RV3. But the formatting was nice, and the post was what the general speculation was before the announcement.

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Does using the crappy turret really alter Sherman matchmaking?? Oddly, the thing that bothers me the most was that you put it under American.

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However, slight M4a3e2 stats will be mixed in for the hybrid. The vehicle proposal had following characteristics: Combine that with poor premium round, long reload time and fairly below average speed.

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It is essentially a heavier variant of the M4 Sherman. More like 5 seconds maybe less with rammer, BiA and vents, and the hitpoints are fine for a premie T7 medium.

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These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes.