Sagittarius man dating a cancer woman Are you aware of your Moon sign?

Sagittarius man dating a cancer woman, get an astrology report for your relationship

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I am a Sagittarius man, born on the cusp of Capricorn, and I dated a Cancer woman. A little nudge here and a little nudge there will be sufficient for him to mend his ways. One thing that I can;t deal with to this day is when I want to have an intellectual argument with him, he starts yelling back with all kinds of stupid things that have no connection to what Im talking about, or he out and out lies when he knows I am on to him.

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Not giving an inch, I said, but we're not, that would be a lie! His hands were sweating. OMG it drives me crazy all these women.

Love Compatibility Between Cancer Woman Sagittarius Man

My boyfriend always says to me that I'm crazy but he loves it. Unfortunately, for earth signs like the Cancer, the Capricorn and others, they tend to focus on this level and they tend to get stuck there. We see eachother always.

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I am more into the home than he is. But there is not a chance for us to have each other or spend time with each sagittarius man dating a cancer woman.

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Also we are not married but have been together for 20years and I can not seem to jump just yet. I being one; the other being her ex-husband of 7 years. I have my life and speed dating rennes 2013 has his, and when we are together, there is nobody else in the whole world. We will be together for 4 years cokme january- and it never gets tiring.

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My happiness is all that matters to him and I do believe we will always be together. Oddly, she wanted to keep me on a string while having this guy too.

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We're very serious about our relationship at this point. Kissing lead to him coming home with me. That I will be in the stands cheering for him.

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Sagittarius daily horoscope Sagittarius weekly horoscope Sagittarius monthly horoscope Sagittarius horoscope. I started to develop some feelings.

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