Dating asian guys reddit ‘The Asian Playboy’ Has the Perfect Response to Asian Women Who Say They ‘Don’t Date Asian Men’

Dating asian guys reddit

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I can see someone who is more sensitive to the idea of traditional masculinity can be more susceptible to this kind of mindset. There's just less to talk about in terms of how to "land an asian girl".

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Girls only care about social acceptance. Please utilize the REPORT button if you see any violations of these rules and a moderator will address your concern as soon as possible.

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I've only dated white females by choice well, one being Puerto Rican. NYC has a lot less Asians. You won't be able to vote or comment.

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The best messages I've gotten are from White women. Their commonality is that they all liked Kpop.

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Thanks for answering all the datings asian guys reddit. Switch ethnicity and the same disabled guy would not have a wife and especially not at her attractiveness level. He's got no need to prove what those of us who frequent this sub have seen time and time again You're a crab in the bucket man, you don't actually believe Asian men can fuck because you can't.

There is a reason he emphasizes his height, physique and even "dick size" which is ridiculous.

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Do they look confident and happy with life? But I can think of 5 off the top of my head dating Asian guys. I think you have to be somewhat careful because there may be self selection bias.

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Attractive women need to be aware of social trends in their area to give a guy a chance. In fact, I don't think we maybe even myself included are doing that much better than AFs in terms of sticking up for Asian and Hapa men. Of all the European women, I will say French women are by far the most open to going interracial. The worst part was he used to say nasty things about her culture.

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Well, im new here. Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. LOL most online dating phone app women are with nerdy low social status white guys.

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I bet you are one of those non lifting faggot Asian guys that cannot believe that Asian men can get laid and you project that failure onto other Asian guys. It gets tiring dating laws mn when you update the effort pays off right away.

But this thread has me wondering:

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