Hook up studio monitors to imac Hook up studio monitors to imac

Hook up studio monitors to imac

One thing I probably didn't make clear in my post is that the monitors I'm connecting are active, meaning they are self-powered I mention this because you referred to "non pre-amp devices"; not sure if you include self-powered monitors in this description.

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You don't have JavaScript enabled. The inputs on an audio interface are also considerably better quality than consumer sound cards and often support more professional features like XLR connections and phantom power.

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I was under the impression that I could simply hook up the monitors with the Y-cable as mentioned previously and that I would get beautiful sound.

KRK speaker set up with apple i-mac??

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This completely ignores issues like hardware noise floor, power isolation and DAC quality, all of which will impact even a CD quality audio feed, though they may not matter as much if something was kbps mp3 quality though signal to noise ratio differences will still be a significant difference in many cases. Anyway, I'm running OS X You could get Dynaudio or Focal's as well with more money.

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If you would be kind enough, I'd love to hear your thoughts Again, thanks very much for your help! All of the above speakers accept balanced analog audio, but you won't be providing that from your headphone jack. You'd connect a Y-cable like this one from the output of the One to your hooks up studio monitors to imac.

Do studio monitors need an audio interface?

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Give us a call. Well, they are, but they sound very very differently from Lounge Hi-Fi ones It'll typically have a 3.

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I stepped up to an interface when I got serious about things but when it came to general listening the interface was only as good as the files I played through it. Newly dating advice when the volume on the Mac is turned all the way down, I still online dating defined a kind of static sound in the monitors. What apps the 300-year history of internet dating trash on Macbook Pro to make room for LP8.

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Thanks for all the help guys. Looking for a buyer's guide?

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In addition to giving you a handy volume knob, this beautiful little gadget is a huge improvement in the quality of the digital converters on the iMac's built-in audio card. Usually if you get an audio interface with balanced outputs the inputs will also be balanced as it would be expected to be used in a professional environment where all external circuits would be balanced both for line in and out.

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They dont have to be! It is worth using an audio interface if you want to maximize sound quality, however you can also get by just fine with your built in sound card for a while if you want to save for a better interface.

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