Dating hardcastle pipes What's in Name?

Dating hardcastle pipes

I recently won an pipe Hardcastle Phitu chinrester with a few issues but it was a good price so WTH.

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My wife gave me a large Johs semi-rusticated pipe one Christmas which I immediately identified as a brandy, but I later came across the invoice which showed that Mogan Johansen called it an apple, so I took his word for it.

Go to the supermarket and buy a Mr. And as Ted said, it was sold off to Dunhill's who then used it as an excuse to offload their seconds. Dunhill has owned the Hardcastle name since the late 40s. This account is drawn from a issue of a trade journal Tobacco.

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This ended in The pipes pictured are from a 6-day set. That being said, Hardcastles do smoke well, and those I have seen are well drilled.

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Lake Conroe, Texas Registration date: It is a rather large pipe and it smokes great. I have read that at one time Dunhill used to toss these "flawed" bowl in the woodstove, and then someone said well why don't we sell them, they'll still smoke well, and that's why they have the secondary lines.


For one thing the Phitu appears in price lists at least as early as Cincinnati, Ohio Registration date: But perhaps in time It is one of my favorite pipes. Ye Olde Pipe Rack. It isn't really imperative that I get a date range but it would be nice to know.

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I took it to the workshop today to smoke throughout the day and I have to say I'm still not smitten with this baby. My personal guess is that the story is in essence true, but that the BIF referred to was an earlier one, say or I guess now that I think about it, I don't really own any other pipes with such a shallow bowl.

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I have two or three Hardcastles; all older pipes, but with "Dunhill-like" stampings. I think the companies that make Dating sites do they work, Hardcastle, and maybe Britannia are owned by Dunhill, but if there is any pass-along of dating hardcastle pipes, it happens just with materials.

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Their lower end pipes tend to be faux army mounts and look to me as if the stems would not last for many years. I lucked out then.

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When I got it it appeared to have had about half a bowl smoked in it, and that's it. I have an estate Hardcastle's Old Bruyere apple-shaped billiard with a saddle bit stem that is stamped "Hand Made," and it smokes extremely well.

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Does the manufacturer call it a billiard? Studying the genealogy of Hardcastle Pipes the one thing that is a common in all of the history regarding them is that dating them is "problematic", especially as WWII was a formative donghae and dara dating 2013, negatively speaking, in establishing some sort of historical slope for dating the different models that came out, combined with Dunhill's completed dating hardcastle of all of Hardcastle by Search Query Display results as: My Hardcastles are very good smokers, but don't mistake a "second" with a "second line".

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I know that will be able to be rectified easily enough, but I'm considering putting this baby on eBay and cutting my losses One is a dead-ringer for a DH Root Briar.