Wot matchmaking rigged Is match making rigged? Here is something to illustrate that it is.

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Blatantly rigged game and World of Warships is even worse. It revealed a mechanism of arranging players into battlesthe so called Match Maker MMputting the players in harder situations higher tier battles for the same tank if they win and in easier situations lower tier battles if they wot matchmaking rigged.

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Your issue isn't with me, it's with WarGaming. D You have nothing.

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Only personal skill, good or bad, pulls individual players above or below average wotted matchmaking rigged on each player being the only common denominator in every single one of their battles. All I know was I posted a thread on the NA forums, it's still there. Submit a new link. Does every bad player play bad every single game? Shitty accounts hit the same amount of shots as Unicum ones.

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I seriously can't find it. RyanGetzIaf 16 Posted Jul 20 - Community Forum Software by IP.

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It's possible that SerB was saying that this was a system example introductions for online dating had considered implementing and never did. Though this is still not proof that it is rigged, the evidence is compelling!

IrrelephantElephantDumbo, on 21 April - People never play "exactly the same" because the games are never exactly the same. The point of this is to either encourage or frustrate you to spend as much money as possible.

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Doesn't happen that often. Lethbridge dating free to put on my tinfoil hat.

I don't know how I manged that.

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Just be a complainer or maybe unknowingly offend by expressing your frustration from being trolled from being "given" losses and you will see your win rate plummet and be one of the "unfavored" players. DumbotheDarkWizard 5 Posted 21 April - Shitty accounts got the same amount of pens and bounces as unicum ones.

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For a pen of T32 you have between and Community Forum Software by IP. ZlatanArKung 14 Posted 11 June - GeorgePreddy 6 Posted Jul 20 - Tolos, on Jul 20 - Your username is how other community members will see you.

But then it wouldn't be random anymore.

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I don't see what your problem is with the nerfing of top tier tanks specifically, this is called balancing.

Plan on having to carry the entire team. There is nothing to see here. How would you do in a m sprint or in a heavyweight boxing match or in a game of chess at Olympic level?

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Ezz 15 Posted 22 April - Ultimately what WarGaming wants is for people to keep playing, not to frustrate people. Reading what you wrote, i can't have a WR that i have: Personally I like it the way it is.

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I should also qualify this whole thing by saying that I read this almost a year ago.