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It's much better to be referred by the owner than a direct call, anyway.

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Here's the typical day for the second agent - the one who's struggling:. For the first time ever, I'm beginning to enjoy prospecting.

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One insurance Allstate agent, now an independent agent, said this about company programs: Why is there such a BIG difference in their lives?

You see, unlike many programs that show you how to market using THEIR system, my program details different marketing systems so you can decide on the 2 or 3 datings you like most.

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But what if things could be different? I have to fight a battle. It seems to me the greatest question in the agency business today is "How and where do I find expiration dates?

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It will help you express yourself better. Even though I seemed to receive a good response, I wrote no business.

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The system was very simple. No matter what name they are given-"renewal dates," "anniversary dates," or any other name-one point is abundantly clear: I am calling to see if you insurance be open to a competitive bid for your firm's Commercial insurance when it comes up for renewal.

If we ask ourselves "what is an insurance agency"? When selling Commercial Lines, remember that the larger the business, the less important the expiration date is. I loved the business when I actually reached someone that wanted to listen, but hated the way I was going about it.

Here's what this program will do for you: Grabs a cup of coffee and a donut to prepare for the calls that need to be made.

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Each one is ambitious, bright, hard-working, and optimistic. We wanted a source book that would provide several essentials that would profile our future client, such as industry, business name, owner's name, address, telephone number and size of firm via number of employees. And if that's not half the dating, then you are just whistling Dixie.

If it is "Yes," request the expiration date so that you may document your file and contact him 60 days prior to the renewal date.

At that time, the most popular techniques for reaching new "customers" was X-dating and cold-calling. Our peripheral vision is cut off by the knothole, sources of new business are stunted and we stagnate ourselves in the abyss of no-growth. So we use our office personnel on a rotating basis best dating site over 60 per week calling for the X-date.

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People are more willing to change their agent or broker at renewal time than at any other time of year. Of all the Personal Lines sales programs IMMS has seen throughout the years, the most successful have been based on an active x-date solicitation program. Since I have changed my systems, I am happier, I make more money, and I work fewer hours.

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The rest of the day is spent on the phone handling the datings and talking to other new prospects who call in for quotes. Send cartoon showing a king about to lead his troops into battle with swords and lances.

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After determining the profile of those prospects that best fit our objective, we begin the numbers game of calling. For this, I'm very grateful.

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By tweaking some of the things I already do, I am able to be much more successful in prospecting and getting the right appointments. For the Dallas market, we investigated several sources that offered a comprehensive listing of businesses to solicit expiration dates. How did this happen?

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We used our office personnel on a rotating basis, 15 to 20 hours a week, calling for the x-date. I am so glad I found you. How would YOUR life be different?