Client dating Can Psychologists Date Patients or Former Patients?

Client dating

More than likely, those relationships were products of unhealthy and ill-advised if not deeply unethical bonding within the treatment environment.

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Whether you look at the rapport they may have built while this individual was in care, or the fact that the worker has been in an authoritative role towards this individual, each of these scenarios make me question if there were boundaries crossed while this individual was in care. Sign up for our newsletter today. This practice, believe it or not, also exists richmond hill speed dating the world of work.

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Surviving Your First Client Meeting was the previous entry in this blog. In medico-legal context, the relationship between a psychologist and a patient falls in the ambit of a fiduciary relationship. We research, conceptualize, design, and build digital products for companies which are used by, tested by, and ultimately loved by people.

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Jenn Wederfort Mount Royal University Nathalia Horvath nathaliaschorvath gmail. The bigger debate would be if you were the parent of the child turned adult would you be happy about the relationship?

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Jessica Hadley … Absolutely not. No as there is still a previous relationship which has a power imbalance.

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Ex-client dating staff member? Do I see a client dating with them?


It is our job to set clear boundaries and role model safe and appropriate relationships with adults and peers alike. For example, does this create expectations realistic or unrealistic or unnecessary confusion for them?

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Just remember, that client at the time was a child when the two met, that child saw all the staff in a different perspective as an client dating meeting another adult or co-workers as in the last debate.

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CYCs have an ethical responsibility to protect the people we work with - including raven online dating ourselves, if necessary. For who is it a problem and in what way?

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And there are probably examples where disaster did not ensue, but these things need study.