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He seemed to be fully into me, or as much as he could have been after one evening together. That night he sent me a voice message telling me nothing in particular, but that nothing in particular told me he missed me. I wanted a future. And yes, that night, as we came back he lifted me up and carried me to bed.

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If we just had… If, if, if…. Maybe it was the international dating of something? The best was when he decided to send me videos of himself singing.

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Once in a while he messages me and we talk back and forth like friends. I still wanted Francisco. Was I too available?

Dates. Vacation Flings. Heartbreaks. And foreign men.

We lay by the water and just looked at each other, as he caressed my face and lifted the hair from my face. Sure, he was a beautiful person and it was a warming memory but who were we kidding here? Then I cried my heart out. Marta thought he was a full of it asshole. This was a way to check in but not say anything meaningful.

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A day after publishing this entry, Luiz decided to call me and we had a conversation on the phone during which he told me that he broke up with his girlfriend of five years. I loved the feeling of the small city, surrounded by mountains and my hostel — a little resort with a pool in the middle.

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They were still shirtless, eating pasta, when I came in. He looked at me in the eyes, reading me and I looked back at him.

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After a few moments of feeling a gay dating networks uncomfortable, I turned the situation around.

A selfish guy who, after not getting to see me again, decided it was not even worth it to inquire about me.

I know this will pass. But as we lay in bed, him pressed up against me, I felt something for the boy.

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He was at the bar getting drinks and it irked me that he international dating asked me what I wanted. He clearly wanted to see that I was independent and non-clingy. Did he try to make me jealous?

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I hoped I would meet someone else. And here I was obsessing over this person. Two girls he met a day ago.

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A fun loving, easy-going chamuyero. This was completely unlike me.

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