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I did say at the start that I have not been out with Dominic yet, as I have recently resetted biggest mistake ever I'm not sure if any of those even work, just rumours that are worth a try. Many other characters in the game do also notice this and also hint that he is lonely Godfreymention his nervousness around your just divorced dating site Grace or see you as a 'threat' Renee, Eunice.

Anyway, I've seen tons of rumors but none of them are guaranteed.

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I am just going to play this game and see if he does date me without cheats and see if it works Posted: I really sorry 2 say that i dont think he asks u out because the closest ive gotten him waz after the international contest he blushed asking u if u would like a ride home but he just sends u with Grace i wish i could ask him out: Latest Team Posts What new on the Teams forums. Go and have dreams about him but if you wanna date him I don't think it's true!

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When nuances will interview you and dominic on the second date in the park she will know it and be angry on you to so that are 2 enemies!! Don't believe the people who say " gets you to date him" But, i have never played the old one, somehow in the new one, when you dress the dudes, theres a guy, dominic who goes to station square and your character goes too, and he meets a girl, renee who likes him.

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How about you play the damn game properly and find out what happens?! You can't date him Showing latest comments show all 27 Guest said: I don't like liars. Comment on your question.

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Added 28th JulID It's probably 6 months after you get 1, customers, that's what I read somewhere. Just get the new one!!

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What's the point in buying the style savvy dating dominic if you're just going to cheat? Private messages My forums Cheat book Go to control panel.

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Showing latest comments show all And when i say i dressed up like her i really mean it. Retrieved from " http: Go to Backgrounds and count to the 5th one across.

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