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He never seemed that intimidating when his little girl was with him. I hope you enjoyed it!

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You were thankful he was there. So hopefully it turned out good!

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Cups were overflowing with booze, laughs almost competing with the music, personal spaces being almost entirely forgotten. Gore, mutilation, bestiality, or necrophilia. Had the room not been so quiet, you would have missed his quiet plea. It was followed by one on your temple.

He tightened his grip on you as to reassure you of his presence. Her nose was in no better shape, all red and leaking.

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And you knew that he loved having you beside him. Can we talk about this for ren moment: I want to remove my mask and really take your breath away. Originally posted by pixelrey.

Originally posted by pixelrey Summary: Kylo Ren growled as he walked the perimeter of the room. Ben joined in, crawling out from under his heap of pillows he had attempted to construct into something. Your arms were at your sides as you faced the man.

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Keep in mind… it looks this good at all times, even when I wake up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. What was not expected however was the dating kylo of focus and complete lack of awareness one man could possess in such an dating kylo. She remembered seeing her classmates killed in front of her while she hid herself. It seemed as though the chaos around him faded almost entirely, except for one pivotal point.

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Something of which no one spoke. You heard the man sigh before slowly nodding. Originally posted by kylieren Kylo being incredibly protective of you Being the only one able to calm him down with one look Him teaching you the ways of the force and helping you make your own light saber Running your hands through his hair when you kiss Pretending to be shocked and overwhelmed every time he takes his helmet off because he likes it and it is kind of shocking how he fits all that hair in it Disguising as a Stormtrooper one time and going to talk to him.

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General Hux holding a grudge on you. What Do I Get?

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Choked sobs echoed from your room to his ears. What if Ren was one of the casualties of such a what is the best uk dating site Averting his gaze, he cleared his throat a bit.

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Long embraces, where neither of you say anything for a while. You gave him a quick peck on the cheek before continuing to play with his hair.

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