Scorpio woman dating a cancer man Cancer man and Scorpio woman

Scorpio woman dating a cancer man

Ever since then it's been getting worse.

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But when Cancer's insecurity gets in the way and doubts Scorpios loyalty You have multiple stares so use the one that says "i'm so innocent, I don't bite That's why you often see a struggle; one moment he is the No1 man in the world and the next he is cold - its just his way of protecting his soft feelings. I guarantee that if he likes you, and you give him those eyes, once you two are alone, he will put the moves on you.

I can see now what all you previously meant by leading a very busy life, and why that may seem intimidating to a cancerian male.

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I'm a 32 year old Scorpio woman who has been with a Cancer man for 11 years. So I called him and he told me straight and Dating website little fish couldnt talk to him anymore and I hung up he called me back and we talked I tried to play it off that wasnt hurt but the whole time I was on shannon dating jimin phone with him I couldnt breath.

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I play my part, as a regualr female. We were together for 5 wonderful yet trying years. He thought I was handling it quite well but that made him realise I wasn't at all.

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Im taking the big vets online dating of moving in with him this coming month. We still to this day are still not together. Being Scorpio, I'm highly analytical about intentions, and this runs my emotions high when I finally allow myself to "fall" for someone, as I am with him - and I find myself reigning myself in and writing rather than confronting him.

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But Cancer and Scorpio have some dissimilarities too. I'm a reach out, wish me luck. I like him, but I will never allow myself to be used.

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He said he anticipated I would leave him so he couldn't get himself together to tell me, however once we started talking about moving in, there was no other way. The next time the guy asks you out why don't you say YES!

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You know what I mean! He is my everything and more couldn't be happier right now.

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This is something I will have to work through in my head and in my heart as this has been an all consuming situation that won't let go of me. A girl walks up to me; turns out she was a Scorpio and I just happen to be Cancer.

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Recently at a get-together I met a guy who attracted me instantly. He has texted me everyday- and has been very sweet, but has yet to make a move as to seeing me again. Then I become confused and hurt.

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She's wonderful, but different for sure!