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How old is xenubarb again? CarterUSPSep 12, Wow so many choices on that passions network place. Your name or email address: DeathHamsterSep 7, Hush your BTs and settle down to read this great email explaining this special perk for the daters at Free Spirit Singles, and make sure you follow these detailed sites How long before Miscavige signs up looking for dwarves for super happy fun time?

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Where do we gays sign up on this site?? Big Thetans normally don't have time for this.

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AnonymousSep 7, This could be HUGE lulz! COREargSep 12, Inb4 anons start to make profiles for the lulz and start "dating" scilons to protests while singing Rickroll. EliOct 8, Ok enough dating advice for today.

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DeathHamsterSep 12, EveStroppingSep 7, That couple pictured on the website look as free spirit they're romping and playing. The Wrong GuyMay 13, You just can't make this stuff up Any organisation that datings the words 'sane' and 'saner' that much obviously don't have enough sandwiches for a proper picnic.

Tommy D had a very gay profile on there after i'd been on there 5 minutes.

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FL Principal Address Mma dating website. And no-cost if you're a woman; make the Scio guy "take responsibility" and pay for the date. Ron Hubbard literature and score a date with a Scientology sweetheart! Rob Damus is 57 and single.

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Too busy clearing the planet They're either onboard or not onboard Log in or Sign up.