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Original post by Anonymous I've been texting him but he still hasn't explained his condition in full detail yet.

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Get insight into what it all means with your daily horoscope. Cerebral Palsy 11K followers. What is most important that your household have? I pray daily for the young woman I hope comes to love my son, to see him and not his problems, to appreciate his humor and his intellect. A Title that summarizes the problem or question A Description of your situation. Internal mini form form label. Go to mobile site.

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Grow your Grades Replies: But I can't help but say that his disability makes me overlook my feelings. If you enjoyed this ladies company stay focussed on the positives, Im cerebral palsy we can all find faults in each other if we look.

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Should a person with a disability be limited to those options? For me, cerebral palsy is just part of who I am, like my brown hair and eyes. I worry she will never be attracted to my body that trembles with spastic muscles. I'd have to wonder if your date was embarassed at the difficulty she had tying the rope. The way she talks and how she writes shows me that she is educated.

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I've also been doing research on CP. There are too few representations of disabled people living full, productive, happy lives in the media. Well, if different is average cost of dating services you want, crips got you covered. His friends have never judged him for dating me or at least he's never told meand if the did i'm pretty sure he'd tell them to stick it.

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And if she does have some degree of Executive Function Impairment, that will only compound interests for dating examples frustration. This absurd idea is completely false.

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Is this the wrong approach to dating? Good for you, Mike!!

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He seemed really polite and quite dating someone I just accepted and put his number down on my phone.

That is something that is inherently attractive, and helps facilitate the building of bonds.

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My name is Jess Paciello, and I am 21 years old. I know my time with him may be shorter given the age difference and his needs, and our relationship will face challenges others may not face, but the fact remains the same. I understand and I deserved it.

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