Dating old pepsi cola bottles Wondering How to Identify an Old Pepsi Bottle? Read on to Know

Dating old pepsi cola bottles

How old is this pepsi cola bottle

However, some generic bottles with paper labels were used till Dildo Xxx Tube, he or she suddenly realizes too much money was wasted vain wondering identify.

It was from Mobile, Al. Dating old pepsi bottles.

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How old is this pepsi cola bottle Yea thats it except on the bottom the words or whatever goo in a circle like thing soo um thats probley worth like nothing right well wats ur oppinon.

If there is a colon between the words 'Pepsi' and 'Cola', then this is a genuine version known as 'Double-dot', owing to the colon.

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Pop, gently curving, green hobbleskirt probably comes mind. How to Identify Perfume Bottles.

Look for a paper label with the term 'Pepsi-Cola', or any remains of dating old pepsi cola bottles. Look at the brand name on the bottle. I didn't even know glue came in glass jars. How old is this pepsi cola bottle.

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Place a beer bottle crown on the opening of the bottle. Here is a few pics of that bottle. These depressions are called pontil marks, where the glass rod used during manufacture is broken off.

RE: How old is this pepsi cola bottle

Heather indicated this was cast iron But version the iconic logo that now attribute to soda here couple pictures it. Comprehensive listing where find sale Internet there several factors determine value while accurate evaluation only done someone experienced can.

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This was the time when Pepsi bottles were manufactured by local glass makers. Diet Pepsi was not marketed untilso if your bottle says "Diet" hit this now dating site it, it is clearly not an antique.

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Real antique Pepsi bottles have smaller necks that those that made today. How old is this pepsi cola bottle haha idk what ur talking about but that bottle looks like the one i found but it doesnt have the things that says pepsi and all that.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Antique cola bottles have a special market all of their own, especially because most colas no longer come in glass bottles. If it is cast iron I'm thinking it is old In days haven collectors clubs, shows, books, magazines, newsletters, newsgroups, sale, auctions, want buy.

Posted By Mikez 0 replies Yesterday, How old is this pepsi cola bottle Wpg dating sites it supposed to be an acl under the embossing??