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Yogscast hannah dating lewis

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The internet in general doesn't like change so when there's a new person in a established group they get angry. I've seen Lewis play quite a bit of Dota on Pyrion's stream and honestly he sometimes just gets into these salty moods during livestreams where he is perhaps a bit more 'uncut' than people are used to in his videos.

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The thing I don't understand is why people have to be so brutal about it. Kim-content, particularly Flux and Highrollers are among the most looked-forward-to parts of my day.

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Really hope all of this gets shared around. There is a difference between needing thick skin and the amount of abuse thrown around causing the death by a thousand cuts effects Lewis I think mentioned in the past.

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No, Sjin, Lewis is not going to marry you! Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected.

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Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. Normally I wouldn't bother acknowledging people like that but I've seen so much shit being thrown at Kim lately I feel like everyone should sound out in support.

But this happens, there are waves of dumb hate, and this too will pass.

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That's chatting and small talk, you did great: Imho, Simon brought that upon himself. Submit a new text post. If we go back even further this happened with Sips too and I've also seen many cases of it happen in other groups of gamers I follow online. The comment section doesn't change my experience at all, I just think it's really bad for the hannahs dating lewis of the videos.

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Offending posts will be removed and bans will be issued for repeat offenders. While I am sad to hear such a long standing I assume it went on for a while but I could be wrong relationship came to an end but such is life. Most people seem to think that 'once you've been together, there's no way you can be friends' for some reason, but people like you, funny jokes about dating a black guy, and apparently Hannah and Lewis, are living proof that it can work.

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Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. These are the kind of posts that I detest. Just sending an "Awesome video!