Can i hook up my sprint phone to boost mobile How do I bring my own phone to Boost from another carrier?

Can i hook up my sprint phone to boost mobile

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Click the "list of Sprint phones" link in the first sentence of the post to check. Anonymous November 15, at 2: Sprint is so weird.

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You're supposed to go to a dealer to re-SKU phones so end user support probably hasn't been trained in the process.

Daniecce Ward April 19, at 1: Alexis Aguilera May 27, at 9: The GSM models wouldn't work anyway as they don't support any of the bands or technologies that Sprint uses. You had to buy a mvno handset for that mvno and that's all it worked on unless you were willing to go through a Byzantine process involving spcs and such to get friends before dating yahoo to work even on another Sprint mvno.

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Alexis Aguilera May 27, at I wonder what he actually does to make LTE work. It should be possible as the Note 2 is on Boost's list of allowed phones. Dennis Bournique June 23, at 3: I did it with my iphone 6 and 7 edge.

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Boost only allows Sprint phones that are on their list. Anonymous June 29, at Can I use my unlocked sim phone on boost mobile?

They need an ESN checker.

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Wait for Boost Mobile to contact you after processing your activation request. Dennis Bournique May 14, at 8: That's the nature of the beast in this country. Just food for thought. Why not just allow any unlocked GSM device?

Can i switch my Sprint Iphone over to boost mobile?

All the other phones excluded are WiMAX phones. Dennis Bournique November 1, at 9: Eventually they will accept your G3', 'timestamp': It is from Sprint. It is a good deal!

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I am interested in buying an used Iphone 5C from EBay. Dennis Bournique February 8, at 8: I have g2 g3 and g4 but g2 and g3 both phones with boost except my g4 it's not in the list.

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And the last thing they want is allowing someone to activated a WiMAX device and few months later the customer call in complaining their data a slower. Dennis Bournique June 29, at 7: The ESN is normally located on a sticker inside the battery compartment or on the back of your phone. And yes I understand its "not on their list" but they did it for him anyway.

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Alexis Aguilera June 23, at 3: